Web/ Cloud development

Applications need to be written in a special way, in order to make good use of the cloud! Simply throwing an old application onto the cloud, gets you very little of its benefits. Here at Komveo, we have the Know How of building new cloud oriented applications or sensibly migrate old applications or components to the cloud.

We architect cloud based solutions for enterprises and consumers, for a variety of needs as it completely eliminates location and hardware constraints. With information stored and accessed on the cloud, automatically sync-ed on all devices connected to internet, cloud solutions make you mobile ready, hardware independent and eliminate the risk of protecting data all by yourself. Share with us your requirement, we could suggest you suitable cloud solutions to help you grow.

What is a cloud based application?

A Cloud based application is a piece of software that operates from data stored on servers on the Internet instead of on your computer or mobile phone. The cloud app residing on your computer or mobile phone or a tablet can sync up all files and data on the device to the cloud which can be accessed from any other device connected to the internet. Being cloud-ready makes you more mobile, lets you access information from anywhere any internet device, takes care of your data back-up and eliminates the need to carry physical storage devices.