Software And Application Design

We at Komveo have the expertise to perform in depth business analysis and design robust software and applications. We’ll define the required functionality in a clear, user centered manner. This provides a constant link between the specification, the business requirements and the user and makes it clear what is the purpose of and reason for each feature.

We produce specifications that are clear and unambiguous to all parties. This gives your stakeholders confidence that they will end up with what they want.

Eliminating ambiguity ensures that you minimize risk in delivery. And a clear specification means your suppliers can quote more accurately, saving you money.

Put your users at the center of your design thinking. Our UI/UX designers sit within our development teams, working quickly and iteratively to create award winning products.

We make sure that what users see is what they get. This makes using the application a breeze. Our expertise in designing diverse applications cutting across different domains has made us an expert in knowing how to create simple designs for even the most complex web applications. We make sure that our design that allows the user to make optimum use of the application.

We begin our design process by understanding what the application is all about and getting an in-depth idea of its purpose and how its various functionalities will come together to solve a specific need of the user. We put our development knowledge to good use to match the functionality of the web application with the appropriate design.

  • Our design has core UI focus to make the application more usable
  • Our design enhances app functionality for improved productivity
  • Our designs lessen the learning curve for using the app effectively
  • Our design engages user attention for better efficiency and app popularity