Online Booking Engine

The booking engine is not only easy on the eyes but it is simple to circumnavigate with its simplistic design and clean presentation. The room and rate information is laid out in easy to understand design with option to display high quality images of the property.

Global Languages & Multiple Currencies

The booking engine is currently available in more than six major languages from around the world. Going a step further, you can even display rates in different currencies and allow the guest to complete the payment in the currency of their choice.

Credit Card Processing or Payment Gateway Options

There are a lot of payment gateway options to choose from, the ever growing list provides your guests to make direct payments, credit card and online banking (net banking). Additionally, we are open to establish more payment gateway interface as well, contact us if your preferred payment portal is not available in our existing list.

Automated Notification Emails and Email Templates

Create a whole set of email templates ranging from pre-arrival to post-departure for better guest engagement. Once the templates are stored in the system, they will automatically be dispatched to the guest as per the process set. For example, the guest will automatically receive confirmation upon booking from your website and receive a thank you email post departure. This gives you ample freedom to engage your guests creatively by providing them with special offers, discounts during their stay and feedback requests

Up-sell Extra Services

A study shows that providing extra services not only increases sales with an existing guest but also attracts more bookings. The online booking engine facilitates revenue manager to increase sales by easily advertising extra services like add on breakfast, spa packages, dinner vouchers, free pick up etc.